So for a week now the media has been playing over and over again the story of Janet Jackson's halftime Super Bowl show.  The overreaction has been overkill and the PR machine with Justin Timberlake being offended by it has been ridiculous.  As a result of the halftime incident, the NFL cancelled it's original Pro Bowl halftime show a week later with some unknowns in what looked to be very family friendly entertainment.  Then of course there is the lady who is suing for being traumatized.
Heck, if anyone should feel traumatized, it is me for being the one person in America who didn't see it.   I was at Albert and Linda's house and Alan's daughter brought me a book asking me to read it during the halftime show.  So figuring I can hear the music while reading about squares and triangles, my eyes were off the tube and the whole nipplage thing came out.  I heard Albert blurting out something about Janet's breast and it was all gone by the time I looked up.   DAMN those squares and triangles.    :-L
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