Randomness from a San Francisco Night




The visuals of the night before is a little blurry, whether it is intentional or not, much like the blur of the faded bar hopping hand stamps on the back of my hand and under the wrist.


What comes to mind are the blurry phrases and/or images from the night including swig, the gallery, pass the salt, and maybe some spoken Cantonese.  I recall something Svetkana (sp?) and there were a few muffin tops to be forgotten.  Actually, Svet should be forgotten too.


One item of note during the night were the people we saw wandering into an empty building and going down the stairs where the sound of music was faintly heard.  For reasons of obvious curiosity, we headed for the entry and were stopped by the bouncer who asked us what we wanted.  A random guess with the magic word, acting as though we knew what we were talking about, and he opened the gate.  It was something underground and a little bohemian.  We wandered into a by invitation only party in a basement.  For all that it was, I couldn’t help thinking if we went beyond the next set of walls into the darkness, would the next secret word take you into the backroom with the gimp?  And what can I say of their alcohol?……prolly not much worth mentioning here.


Reality is it wasn’t all that blurry a memory because I remember it all.  But if you weren’t there, then next time you’ll need to learn the secret word and see for yourself.
At the end of the night, I’m happy to say the BMW survived the San Francisco parallel parking experience.   No one used my bumpers to gauge the distance from their car to my car.   It was just another random night in the city.