While the journey continues and the future remains unwritten, 
I do know my love will always remain.    
Forever in my heart, 
never to be forgotten. 

Happy birthday my love.

  Eric Yeung 
August 17, 2012 ·

August 17th 2012 will forever be the absolute worst day in my life filled with a wide range of emotions.

I cried for an hour this morning. Then I tried to remember all the happy times I shared with Michelle. But then I felt angry for being cheated of what was suppose to be a lifetime of happiness. Our journey was incomplete. She was too young to be taken away from us. It upsets me knowing that she never got to finish all her goals.

My apologies to my friends who called this morning when I couldn't talk. I needed to make sense of it all and needed that time. In the end, it still does not make sense.

I can only be thankful for the time we shared. Michelle was the love of my life. Nothing can ever replace what we had.

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