Cyndy's Birthday 2004

Outside Destino'sPark and girl at bar.Nice wrapping.

a little bird

So today was one of those days.  Two birthday parties, one for Ags and the other for Cyndy.  Somewhere inbetween the two parties I had a couple of hours to spare so being already in the South Bay I made a quick stop to take care of some Peoplesoft crap at the office.  Clearly,  I have my priorities messed up.   I should have gone home and changed my clothes to be more attire appropriate for the evening activities.  With all the time I spend at work all week, it's amazing how I managed to find the time to get two last minute gifts for Ags and Cyndy. I only arrived home recently past 3am and by the time I publish this entry, I will not edit and allow for the entry to represent my current state of mind. It was a long day and I assure you there was plenty of alcohol involved.  But that wasn't the reason I could not find the place for Cyndy's dinner.   We were both at Ag's party and would regroup with her other friends later at the restaurant chosen for dinner.  The food was good, but the dang place was hard to find.  It was smaller than I thought and the big wooden door looked more like an entrance to a residential apartment.   The colors for the sign out front does not make it easily visible at 7pm when the sun is still out and for the record other people claimed the same indicating it was hard to notice the restaurnt.  So I was last to arrive shortly before Cyndy and Sonia because I saw them crossing the street right before I parked. I had the general idea of where the location was so I thought I was on the right block but couldn't find the restaurant name on a wall. I called Cyndy on the cell phone and asked again where it was and she threw out the address so I simply walked down Market Street and the street numbers got lower so okay I will turn around and walk back up.  I see the address numbers on the store front is too high so I turn around and walk back down.  Eventually I find the numbers written in dark colors that almost blend in with the paint.  It turned out I was standing in front of the restaurant when I called to ask exactly where it was.  DOH!!!! (I'll give them a plug anyway even if they did make it hard to find.  The "A" Table
The rest of the evening consisted of the W Hotel XYZ Bar and Fluid.  I don't think I'll go into the details of the night and just keep that in my head.  Only those who were there need to know the details. But there was definitely plenty of entertainment at the W.  Just think of those nightclub characters from Saturday Night Live.  The mentality was pretty much the same.  Later at Fluid, Park, Jenny, and I did manage to take over a corner of the reserved room at Fluid.  Jenny M was onto what Park and I were looking at in there.   Those things were about to pop out of that dress.   As their party left for the night one of the girls did smile and wave good-bye as it was obvious that we crashed their private room.  Either that or they were too drunk and thought we were one of their drunken friends staying behind.  Eventually towards the end of the night we managed to round up the rest of the group and told them we rented the private room for Cyndy.  When some of them started picking up the unfinished Cosmo, I suppose the right thing to do would have been to say it wasn't actually ours but belonged to one of the previous girls in the room. 

Twenty dollars Jen if you throw the wasabi peas at the waitor.....