Google Police is funny.
What was up with Google security today when I went to visit some friends?  Do they have my face up on some kind of facial recognition as a visitor who eats a lot?  As soon as I pulled up to the parking lot and started walking to the building where I was meeting my friend, I was swarmed by the Google police on foot and bikes with the walkie talkies communicating to stop the tall guy in the red and blue striped shirt.  WTF?   Do they not like that I usually have Three hearty servings of lunch when I visit?Friggin A, as I was calling my friend on the phone I had five security guards on me.    Well I'm glad I didn't wear my Yahoo shirt today.  Haha.   Go surround the guy 100 feet away who looks like he is 300lbs.  I bet he eats more than I do.   :->
That said, I brought back lots of cookies and brownies for my office.