Grand Cherokee 5.9L experience

Walking to my second car (the limited edition 1998 Grand 5.9L) in a parking lot earlier today, I pushed the button on my remote entry to unlock the door. I went to open the door and it was still locked. So I pushed it again and it still wouldn't unlock. As my friend waited on the other side for me to open the door, I began explaining that this is what happens when you sit on your remote and the button is pressed the whole time. The battery will die and make it unable to open the door. So I tried putting the remote next to the glass where the infrared sensor is and pushed the button again hoping the closer proximity would read the signal. It still didn't work so I tried the tapping on the remote trick to get a little juice from the battery charged up. It still did not work. At that point I was considering unlocking the door with the key, however it would set off the alarm and be more troublesome being unable to use the remote to turn off the alarm.

Of course one look inside the leather seats and I was wondering where was the shirt I left on the chair. CHecked the outside again, and yes it was a black 1998 5.9L Limited Edition Jeep. One more check in the back and that was not my license plate number. "This is not my car." I looked about 4 cars to the right and there was another black 1998 5.9L Limited Edition Jeep. And the lights were on indicating the doors were unlocked. D'oh!!!!!!

There was a very limited number of this car design produced so spread out across the U.S., it is not likely you would see an identical version of the vehicle in the same area, let alone in the same parking lot and section. It was very easy to walk up to the wrong car and not notice it was not my car. So friggin embarassing.