My Car Pool passenger was telling me about the opening day at H&M

For those not familiar with H&M, it is a popular store for today's fashion at low prices and they recently made their West Coast appearance in San Francisco.  New York has already been fortunate to have the high turnover fashion at low costs for latest trends.   And didn't they recently have a spokesperson put them in news headlines recently because of her cocaine habits?
Apparently she went to the opening Saturday recently and that day was crazier than the usual Saturday Christmas crowds.  But they know how to take care of the people in line giving them freebies such as shoe shine kits while in line to get in.  The part that made me laugh was how there were quite a few inpatient women who didn't want to wait in line for the dressing room and on the 2nd floor just went to corners and stipped off their pants and tops to try on different attire.   DAMN, had I known I would have stood in line for opening day.    Missed opportunities.