I Believe Sometimes Celebrities Simply Want To Spend A Day Like The Rest Of Us

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Eric Y

Huey Lewis is playing a concert in the Bay Area on Saturday, September 20th, 2003.  If I bought tickets to the show, will he send me back saying I have the wrong tickets?    

This little tale takes us back in time years ago in my other life when I was working for a living at the zoo.  This was long before my white-collar days.  One afternoon, Huey Lewis was at the San Francisco Zoo with his children.  All he wanted was a simple day at the zoo with his kids such as any other parent would.  When you’re Huey Lewis that is not an easy thing to do.  Everywhere he went people were pointing.   Our office staff told me that when he arrived at the food stand he wanted to order a pink popcorn for his children.  The teen working behind the counter was in awe and could barely get a word out of his mouth muttering something to the extent of  “hu-hu-hu, you’re hu.”  Huey would repeat several times with frustration, “can I get a pink popcorn?”  Eventually, one of the cash clerks from the office behind the stand had to come out and finish the transaction while the food clerk just stood there in shock.  Word had gotten out that this was the typical response Huey was getting from the many zoo staff so I made a point to myself that if I saw him I would treat him the same way I would any other customer.

Sure enough, later in the afternoon as I was getting started for another tour on the Zebra Zephyr, sitting in my train would be Huey Lewis and his family.  As I was collecting tickets from my passengers and working my way down the train, I continued to say to myself “treat him like any other customer, do not act like one of the other star struck dorks.”  Finally I reached his row and looked at his tickets.   “Sorry sir, these are not the correct tickets.  You will need to go back to the ticket booth and purchase the correct tickets for this tour.”   Huey didn’t look too happy.  But it’s alright, at least I didn’t stutter and act star struck.  Simple as that, I treated him the same way I would any other customer.