They are killing me with this all day meeting tomorrow...this interferes with the 7x7 In-N-Out burger challenge.

Lunch will of course be provided at this meeting, but dang it, I do not plan on missing out on this competition.  I will throw down that 7x7 in ten minutes and be back in my meeting for more brainstorming and more lunch.   Dang, I have a co-worker coming in from offsite (not necessarily for the burger challenge).  We can't reschedule this.   I've been looking forward to that 7x7.   Mmmmmmmm.......burger me.   That 7x7 will be my Mt. Everest.


Day 1


11:00 12:00          Product Overview/Review


12:00 1:00            Discussion/Brainstorming KT Process Supported by Tool


1:00 5:00                Positions