Friday the 20th of May was one of the lamest after movie drinks we ever experienced.   We just had to laugh.  Somehow we ended up at the Chili's bar in Santana Row.  The server was really awful, although it should be noted intentions were not bad, just not very bright.  He did admit to not drinking and didn't know what was what.  Asked if a tequila brand was a vodka.   I think he's from Utah.  that's my guess.
We all order our drinks from the server.    I take a screwdriver grey goose.   Someone else orders a mango mojito.   it starts off with confusion as the server didn't know what a mojito was.   "So the bartender would  know what it is?" he asked.
It had to be spelled out and he was writing he was corrected with the correct spelling using a J.  "Oh, you mean Mogitto," he said.  After the third time of repeating it wrong, everyone replied back "mojito."   He had to also add in "Is that like a Spanish drink?"   In unison, we blurt out "Cuban."
His reply, "oh, it's almost the same thing." 
 To add insult to injury, turned out they were out of an ingredient, probably the mint leaves but he's confused and says they're out of mojito mix.  All that trouble explaining the mojito and it wasn't even there.
The others ended up ordering a cranberry goose and an absolut mandarin with OJ.   When the drinks came, problem was OJ/goose and OJ/Absolut Mandarin kinda looked the same.   Obvious question, which is which?   He went back to check with the bartender and returns saying the left is the grey goose.   The question that came to mind was our left or his left?   Turned out to be our left not his.   First sip of my drink and I wa thinking kinda more of a citrus taste than usual.   I turned to my friend and asked how was the Absolut Mandarin.   "tastes kinda watered down."   Or maybe he just has the goose and I got the extra citrus flavor from the mandarin.   
To add more to the craziness,  when delivering our drinks he had on the tray a children's cup that had something in it but not a beverage.  I thought maybe he was clearing another table on the way to delivering our drinks.  Someone else thought maybe he was giving us crayons in a chidren's cup.   Turns out he was giving us limes.  "In case  you need something to chase down your drink," he said to us.   For cocktails?  We were not doing shots there.   He wasn't kidding when he said he doesn't know about drinking.
It was light drinking so on one drink he came back and kept pouring water telling us we wouldn't want to dehydrate.   One drink it was.  Not really a huge risk.
And he just had a way of always interrupting us midway in a conversation.   Whenever he interrupted and walked away, everyone would forget what the discussion was because we were thrown off by odd and off timed comments.   Cyndy said we probably had about 20 unfinished conversations. 
It was annoying yet funny because it was so bad.