The Year 2008 Starts Off With A Splash

From the pages of EY:

Looks like Jerk Chicken from Cha Cha Cha

January 1st, 2008

As she vomited all over herself, I couldn't help but think about how I was going to get her back in the car.   Nine years with the Grand Cherokee and I've only had two spills on the leather seats.  (both times thanks to Mr. Steven Yee)   At least the smell of a spilled mocha had the pleasant aroma of chocolate lingering for a few weeks before I had it detailed.  I don't think this smell would go away so easy.  Just ask my poor handsewn made-to-measure 120s suit from Italy.   (molto triste)

As I was helping her to the car, I know the staffers outside were trying to be helpful in suggesting I put her arm around me and let her lean against me instead of holding her up as she shifted periodically off balance.  But seriously, the dress was still moist.  I rather rely on arm strength.  (it was kinda gross.....okay way way????   WAY WAY GROSS!) Have to appreciate Cyndy walking a safe distance away on the sidewalk disavowing any association.  "we don't know her."   

But just for the record, the deejay from Digital Underground also yacked it up on New Year's.  She was not alone in the projectile festivities.   (and yeh, I said Digital Underground.   That's Old School biatches, Do the humpty hump.)  We sat at a table beside Digital Underground.   

And just so no one has any concerns after reading this, everyone got home okay after tonight.   I do wonder though if we have now been blacklisted from the club.   Oh yeah, did I forget to mention the couch was also not looking so hot afterwards.  :->