I have decided I am no longer a fan of True Religion Jeans.
That Joey style back pocket with the buttons is not good on leather seats as it is.  If you get in the car too fast, it scrapes into the leather..  I've been sitting on my jacket to avoid ripping the leather seat in the BMW.
But just squeezing out of the car when returning to Bldg 3, I turned to my side and my rear left pocket caught the inside of the left rear door.  Scratched the inside of the paint.  Even though you would never see it from outside of the car, I know it scratched.  That's enough to annoy me.   Joey pants bad.   
True Religion Jeans are now OUT of style on EY's list.
  Go Rock & Republic!!!   And I don't care what anyone else says, I still like Paper Denim even though the company repositioned itself to a different demographic.