A Visit To Sephora
So I go to the Sephora Store to pick up a gift item.  I pretty much had it narrowed down to the Philosophy Cookbook.  It was either that or the Bulldog Cafe.  Both were suggestions from Holly because I wasn't about to walk into that store blind.  Too many girly things in there and I really just wanted to get it and get out.  The salesgirl who was helping me continued to want to have me smell everything.  One sample was enough.  At best two to get a sense of the product but really no need to smell each and every one.  Seemed good enough, I got the gist of it.  And if Cinnabun has been a consistent seller, seems like good enough criteria.  But she continued to talk about the different things in the package and I believe she was giving me the philosophy.  Mind you this whole time, she reminded me of the American Pie girl who once went to band camp.  As she continued the sales pitch, I of course had to make the mistake of interrupting her and saying, "I'm going to cut  you off with a distraction but that one box there has my curiousity.   A HUMMER brand of smell?"
Holiday Set
I thought it was a perfume for women.  Apparently, a men's line.  I should have known.  She got all excited and started trying to lead me to the Hummer section down the aisle.   "You have to try it."
I had to pull her back.  "Lets stay focused on the gift  here.  I really don't need to try it.   Seriously.  Back to the Cookbook Philosophy."    It was just a question of curiousity, not one of excitement to try on.  Being in the Sephora store was really intended to be a quick in and quick out thing for me.  Thank goodness the shopping bag is black and subtle.   Even after the sale she insisted on throwing sample items in the bag to get me to try the different men smells.  And she also threw in a sample shaving cream.  HAHA....seriously the boy here who was  mistakened for an intern by the CEO's admin doesn't have a whole lot to shave.  Are there really was not a lot of male customers in the Sephora store.  I counted one man in the store.  Me. 
Well if you didn't know they had a cologne, now you do.  Nonetheless, it's not a store I would plan to spend lots of time in.   On the other hand, for any dudes reading this it should be duly noted that a lot of hot chicks do shop in there.

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