AIYA!!!!  No Change

February 10, 2004

I just had lunch with my former AMDers here at work.  (there are five of us here)  I accidentally ripped a fifty dollar bill in half when taking it out of my money clip.

The lady comes back and says "change."  I thought she was asking if I wanted change back. 
"No change, tip included," I replied. 
Apparently she was telling me to change the fifty dollar bill for another one.  I don't carry that many 50s in my pocket.  "Then you pay credit!"
Such a Chinesey thing being afraid the bank won't take the money.  Somewhere in a half Cantonese half English conversation they were made to understand that the serial numbers matched and the bank will take the money.   Just tape it back together.     AIYA!!!!!   So much trouble.   Food was good though.