April 14, 2006

Today, I already picked up lunch on my way in to the office.  But after I settled into my desk, one of the folks from Customer Support in the building said there's too much lasagna left over from a meeting where everyone took off so it's going to be wasted.  He asked us to help get rid of the food by taking some back to eat.
So I was persuaded to walk over and get some even though I wasn't going to because I already ate.  Then my eyes saw how it was fresh and untouched.  I loaded up five pieces of lasagna onto the plate.  Stacked it up high with two pieces of garlic bread.   Then took another plate for chocolate and pound cake.   Add a bottle of water and two bottles of apple juice.   That's a lot to balance.    And did I mention the bottom of the plate was getting to be scorching hot because it's fresh lasagna out of the oven.   
Well what can I say?  There is a reason why I never worked as a waiter in college.     I lost balance of the plates as the hot lasagna began to slide out of one plate and the cakes slid out the other direction.  I tried to save one but that made the other plate begin to drop so flip flopping back and forth trying to keep all balanced while hanging onto the drinks in my other hand, I finally dropped the lasagna and it came tumbling down on the floor.   After it hit the carpet, it looked like something some of my friends have coughed up before during a late night party of alcoholic beverages.    My poor co-worker's shoes.  She'll probably never make a food run with me again.  It was so humiliating as soon as the person who invited us over walked around the corner and saw me cleaning up the mess.   What could be said other than "well, that's one way to get rid of the food."
So after cleaning up and reloading the same amount of food, I managed to walk back over here to my desk.  I put down the beautiful meat lasagna and came to realize I wouldn't be eating any of it.    It's Good Friday so I'm not eating meat today.   All that effort for naught.  
Oh well, at least the cake doesn't have meat.
Happy Easter Everyone!!!!!


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