Bank Deposit

Because I found out my ATM card was expired and never received the renewal card that was supposedly sent in April, I had to make a face-to-face teller transaction at the bank today.  I wanted to deposit a check someone wrote me for tickets because I already waited a week for the new ATM card.  So on a cold day in the Sunset, I walked into the bank in my leather jacket with shades on.  I thought I was being good when I found my unused deposit slips and filled it out in the car. Since I was going straight to the bank I folded it in my pocket with the check and walked into the bank which was empty.  I went straight to the teller who was away from her window chatting with her co-worker.  With shades still on, I approached the window and slowly removed the folded papers from my pocket.  I noticed she started taking a couple of steps back away from me.  That didn't seem like good customer service.   "Deposit," I blurted and she returned to take my check and deposit slip.  So in hind thought, do you suppose she thought I was going to hand her a slip telling her it was a holdup?