Needless to say, this is one competition at work I won't bother competing in.

I'd be a fool to throw away my $20.   No chance at all to win this one.  I can go on vacation for a weekend and not worry about needing to shave as you would never see a 5:00 shadow......let alone a 3 or 4:00.   Reminds me of the Cheers episode with Sam, Frasier, Norm, and Cliff competing to grow the best beard. 

I'll take the weight loss challenge or the buffalo wing eating contest, but when it comes to making facial hair grow, forget it.  Not even Rogaine could make a beard grow.   I will concede to this one.   Now if they want to take bets on who will win, I'll put down my cash.


Subject:        Beard growing contest

ok - here's the scoop -

1 month - $20.00 buy in

We will have 2 or 3 staffing coordinators judge for "best beard"

Let me know if you want in - so far it's Rex, Dave and myself

We start on Monday