So it was another Bobblehead Day at the ballpark.
July 11th, 2004
This year, it was not only a popular draw with Jason Schmidt as the bobble.  It was also one of those rare Saturday evening games for San Francisco which meant longer lines of people at 5pm waiting for the gates to open.  In the past, the bobble promos would be the usual 1pm day start.  With a 7:15pm start time, that's more people who are awake and able to get in line early.   For the day games, some people are barely out of bed when the gates open at 11am.  Heck, these things are still insanely popular, one could find a listing on eBay before the game was even played.   You have to figure at least 10% of the sold out 42,600 tickets were in and out with the bobbleheads never to return and watch the game. 
Props to Al for being able to change his work schedule and bribe his employee to come in on her day off.  Not having realized it was an evening start, I was able to get Al to be the replacement for Saturday's game.  He was able to get someone to cover his day on the work schedule and fought through traffic to make it down to the city from Rohnert Park so we would be early for the Bobble Madness at SBC Park.  
Jeff and Julie were also attending this game with two other friends.  Gotta hand it to Jeff.  He held his own on the priorities.  Their other friends were going to meet them at their house around 6pm which would have been too late already.  Jeff wanted his bobblehead so they were going to have to meet them at the ballpark.   He wasn't going to miss the bobblehead.  Gotta do what ya gotta do.  Good thing they spoke on the phone that day because it sounded as if their friends were headed to that other San Francisco ballpark closer to the airport.   :->
The line outside the ballpark was crazy.  The crowd of people standing near the Willie Mays statue were not hanging around.  That was the line that formed around the entire plaza in front of the Willie Mays gate before the game.   We could see that wall of people when walking towards the park from 3rd Street.  Fortunately, we did recognize there are three other entrances to the park so why go to the longest line?   Turns out we arrived about the same time Jeff and Julie did as we were in the same line only a short distance away.   Or rather, we were all together.  (wink wink)    After walking around to the end to scout out the length of the line, all seemed fine.   I did try to bluff the crowd saying something about how many people realized they were in the line to buy Muni Metro tickets.   No one bought it. 
After walking in the gate and back out along with many of the crowd, it was time for coffee.   So what is with the Starbucks across the street closing at 5pm?  Extremely early for a Starbucks especially when there is a night game.   So we settled for coffee at Borders.  The staff was a little slow and not altogether there.  I will spare the criticism of the service, but it was definitely on a low. 
All in all, a good day at the park.  We had our Jason Schmidt Bobbleheads, the Giants won, they gave a ceremony to Hall of Famer Lon Simmons, and it was just a casual day to kick back and chat.  Interestingly, Albert and Jeff never met face to face before.   We have all interacted online together before from playing NFL Pick'em (ripping on Raiders fans on the message board), went in on the Skeletora eBay auction event, and for the most part have been on the same email distributions.  This was their first time actually meeting.   Also of note, Jeff said earlier in the week he would be able to see us dive after any foul balls from his seats and sure enough one fell 10 feet in front of the railing in our section.   It was coming our way but wasn't going to reach.   When the phone starting ringing, I knew who the smart ass would be on the other end saying "dive."   Now as for the seventh inning performance of Take Me Out To The Ballpark.  I have never seen them turn off the microphone on a performer before.  Dang, Michael Tucker was already at the plate and the lady was still slowly singing the song.   If ya don't know the words, turn around and read the jumbo tron.   Her performance was the absolute worst ever and full of baloney.  She was the winner of some local American Idol wannabe contest called Gimme The Mike.   They took the mike back as she was getting booed for such a horrible and lazy rendition of the song.  
Unfortunately, the unusual evening start time meant I missed Carolyn's birthday dinner at Foreign Cinema.  So my apologies and HAPPY BIRTHDAY Carolyn!!!!!