A recent conversation reminded me of the time I saw Cabaret on it's shorter second visit to San Francisco in 2001.  I was telling my friend Donna at the time that the first SF run and the NY setup had attendees in front sit in cabaret tables so it was as if they were in a cabaret and the cabaret dancers get up close.   I commented that we would just have to settle for a non-interactive show in the front row.
At the start of Act 2, it opened with the emcee walking in front with the curtain still down.  The spotlights followed him walking towards stage right and he was looking directly at us and the next thing you know, the spotlight hit us from above.   I knew I didn't like the way he was eying us.   Oh CRAP I thought.   He started talking to Donna telling her "I like your skirt.  Can you take it off so I can wear it?"   Then he turned his attention to look at me and asked with a wink,  "Is that your boyfriend, because he's CUTE."   The comment was followed by the emcee propositioning us by telling us to go backstage with him so we can make a sandwich.     The moment was VERY EMBARRASSING. 
Finally he took the focus off of us and on the people in the balcony and waved to them saying "Hello poor people!"   So much for the non-interactive comment.




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