Chinese Restaurants
Last Wednesday my co-worker Jason was in town so we went out to dinner after work.  We went to the Mayflower nearby at the Ranch 99.   He knows I kid him about this so it's okay for me to say because the boy is white and that's the only reason the waitress walked by without saying a word and dropped a couple of forks on our table.  "Dang dude, they never do that so it must be YOU."  Personally, I find it rude to drop the forks down just because they see someone who isn't Asian at the table.  But then again, it doesn't surprise me.  A Chinese restaurant isn't authentic unless there's a little rudeness.  Naturally, the Chinglish in me came out again because the Cantonese slipped out while ordering.  This left Jason in the dark when I was ordering the "mut toh ha."  So when Jason asked if we could order the shrimp and walnuts the waiter turns to him with a reply of you did.  My bad.
A couple of days later a group of us went to the Ranch 99 complex to have dim sum at one of the other Chinese restaurants.  The same thing happened again.  One of our co-workers from University Relations sat down and without a word, the waitress dropped a couple of forks by her.   Props to the little German girl, she was defiant and refused to use the fork.   She made use of her chopsticks.   But to add insult to injury, the waitress brought us a container of sugar and equal for the tea.   No one asked for it, but it was simply assumed that a person with blonde hair is at the table and suddenly we are treated differently.   Hey, it just isn't an authentic Chinese restaurant unless there is a little rudeness.  Sure they would never treat ya this way at the Yan Can Cook or P.F. Chang restaurants.   But the food is just as good if not better and you don't have to overpay for smaller portions.   And just for the record the Yan Can Cook restaurant is owned by the same corporate entity that owns Taco Hell, KFC, and Pizza Hut.   We know how well Taco Bell represents the Mexican culture.   :->