FighterGirl-KristenLoomis CHUCK E. CHEEZE ON CRACK!!!!

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Guardian Angels
September 2002
The PeacockTail Bar

So the other night at Dave & Busters, there was a balding man in his 40's who was sitting in the Ferrari racing game for over 3 hours.   The dude never left his seat other than to recharge his playing card.  The theory was a 40 something man going through his midlife crisis but unable to afford the real thing so instead he is at D&B by himself on a Friday night driving the video game version of a Ferrari.
And what is with the $3 cover charge on Friday nights now.  Apparently those who arrived after 10pm had to pay a $3 cover to enter the place.   It's making the place more like a club atmosphere.  Of course that is what the DJ was trying to promote as he kept repeating how everyone was gonna party down at the D&B.  Well heck, if they want this to be a club like atmosphere, kick the children out and keep it a true adult atmosphere.  After all, Chuck E. Cheese is the place for video games without cocktails.  Send the kids there for pizza.  Dave & Busters is the Chuck E. Cheeze on CRACK.  I must say, there's  nothing like playing a race car game while holding a cocktail in the other hand.  Not exactly promoting safe driving is it?   As for the Friday karaoke, there's a new meaning to bring the house down.  Oh, the memory of the hanky spanky song could cause nightmares.  If you saw who was singing it, you would know what I mean.