Just wanted to preserve the page that indicated who won the side pot in Week 7 of the 2004 Season.   :->


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 Active - Week 8
 Team Pick Opponent 
  DarkRebel SFO @CHI 
  Kaminari CHI SFO 

 Team Elminated Pick Opponent 
  raider Week 1 BAL @CLE 
  Sweet Dreams Week 1 HOU SDG 
  Quahog Clams Week 1 HOU SDG 
  aznv1per Week 1   
  Pigskin Week 1 BAL @CLE 
  Money Week 1   
  Waboritas Week 1 BAL @CLE 
  FF Express Week 1   
  CowboysRule Week 1 BAL @CLE 
  49er by marriage Week 1 CHI DET 
  Roadrunners Week 1 BAL @CLE 
  Team no name Week 1   
  KnowNothingAboutFootball Week 1   
  FullbackFever Week 1   
  2tuf4u2 Week 1 IND @NWE 
  Brahmabulls Week 2 GNB CHI 
  Biggs Week 2 GNB CHI 
  sicnarf Week 2   
  Hanna Week 2 GNB CHI 
  martisimo Week 2 MIA @CIN 
  EverybodyDUCK Week 2 GNB CHI 
  Dominators Week 2 WAS @NYG 
  The ghost of Ricky Week 2 GNB CHI 
  49ersRule! Week 2 GNB CHI 
  Husker Mike Week 2 GNB CHI 
  Sadistic and Never Sorry Week 2 GNB CHI 
  Showmethemoney Week 3 DET PHI 
  Swimming with da'Fishes Week 3   
  Beaver Believers Week 5 NOR TAM 
  Five Star Lock of the Week Week 5 SEA STL 
  Dem Foolz Week 6 TEN HOU 
  bigdog Week 6 TEN HOU 
  Equipe Merde Week 7 SEA @ARI 

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 Messages Post | View All 
22  Great pool!!! Fun Fun Fun!!!
Oct 31 5:06am - Kaminari (michael_manning@pacbell.net)
21  And to think I actually picked Seattle first....
Oct 28 11:38am - DarkRebel (ey_recruiter)
20  Kudos to DarkRebel
Oct 25 7:14am - Equipe Merde (albieb)
19  So why is it everyone from KT made the same pick?
Oct 4 2:38pm - DarkRebel (ey_recruiter)
18  Beaver should have believed in herself
Sep 28 12:51pm - DarkRebel (ey_recruiter)
17  Who to watch this weekend.
Sep 22 4:44pm - DarkRebel (ey_recruiter)
16  NB... is that luck or did you go BACK TO THE FUTURE II?
Sep 22 3:51pm - Dem Foolz (jett47)
15  NB is making a brave pick with Chicago
Sep 19 9:40am - DarkRebel (ey_recruiter)
14  it was fun
Sep 12 8:17pm - raider (acubillas77)
13  easy does it
Sep 10 2:04pm - Sadistic and Never Sorry (wittgenblonde)
12  It was in your email Lars
Sep 9 10:44pm - DarkRebel (ey_recruiter)
11  What side pool?
Sep 9 10:18pm - The ghost of Ricky (lars_samson)
10  Not many head to head challenges
Sep 9 4:56pm - Five Star Lock of the Week (ace88888)
9  Add Five Star to the side pool...
Sep 9 4:48pm - Five Star Lock of the Week (ace88888)
8  One more addon to the side list, Dem Foolz
Sep 9 1:32pm - DarkRebel (ey_recruiter)
7  FF Express to elimination
Sep 9 12:13am - DarkRebel (ey_recruiter)
6  that's ok gramps.....
Sep 8 2:34pm - Waboritas (cvangron)
5  "Panties in a bunch"
Sep 8 12:34pm - 2tuf4u2 (myerecruiter)
4  Add aznv1per to that list.
Sep 8 11:07am - DarkRebel (ey_recruiter)
3  The Side Game
Sep 7 6:48pm - DarkRebel (ey_recruiter)
2  Poor Unbelievers
Aug 4 10:18am - EverybodyDUCK (jmyers997)
1  quack-ers
Aug 3 2:45pm - Beaver Believers (karenjlouie)