The challenge has been made

Thursday, April 22, 2004 5:57 PM

We're always doing this sort of thing at work where we challenge each other to tasks.  It's all we can do to stay sane around here, especially those of us who work on the eBeam project.
So the challenge goes out to me for next week.  If I can put down a 7x7 from In-N-Out in 5 minutes, twenty dollars goes to me.  On top of it, someone else will pay for the burger.  I'm negotiating for ten minutes because I want to at least enjoy the flavor.  Gotta take some time to taste the food.   It's a free meal to me.


Jeffer McB (4-28-04): Insanity

I'm not sure how drunk you were when you agreed to this but there had to have been Tequila involved!  7x7 in 5 minutes?!?!?!?  Are you insane?  Well of course you are, what a silly question.  How do you plan to get your mouth open wide enough to even encompass said 7x7?  Do you plan on enjoying your burger w/out fries and shake?  That doesn't seem quite right.....

What kind of plans do you have for the time following the event?  Scurge and Purge?....or a nice long better have some plans to take care of your's probably gonna be pissed. 

All this for only 20 bucks?  You crazy homey.....please make sure to capture said event on tape.....or at least give me a chew by chew description.

Good Luck EY!

TiffanyBreakfast (5-3-04):

On a Friday you ate an entire calf!?! The nuns would be so after you with the ruler.  I still cannot believe you finished it and kept it down. Oh my god.