The PeacockTail Bar

Back in the early 1990's, Albert and I used to host many bonfire parties at Ocean Beach.   Rumor had it; our fires were so huge we formed glass on the beach.   Interesting parties they were as we met some interesting people who wandered about our bonfires.   But when winter came along, we hosted a party back at THE HOUSE and we named it The Peacocktail Bar.   The peacock theme was named after the peacock that pecked my 'Stang in what would be the start of an important chain of events leading me from my hourly college job at the zoo giving tours on the Zebra Zephyr to my entrance into the world of HR and Staffing and a better income.  When we threw this party, Albert and I decided to have a bar menu on the table in case someone couldn't decide what they wanted to drink.  Since we questioned the literacy of some of our drunken friends, we decided to make it a picture menu.   What you see below is a copy of that picture menu for The PeacockTail Bar.   Can you figure out what the drinks are?  I think we were a little buzzed ourselves when we created this menu.   The last drink of the night was the mystery bucket, which consisted of the remains from each mixed drink.