Rock Vega$ or Bust
With Eric's Angels.   December 1995 at Tahoe Caesar's Craps Tables is where my longest winning streak at the casinos started.   I haven't been able to lose since.
Christmas 1995 - Caesars Tahoe


Caesars Tahoe December 2002





In December of 1995, I drove to Lake Tahoe with Dodo and Ags for what would be a winning roll at Caesars Tahoe at the craps table.  That winning run was the beginning of a seven year winning streak for all casino trips to Vegas, Reno, Tahoe, and even a rare curious visit to Los Viejas Indian Reserve.  Since that trip, it's been a great run returning from each trip a winner.   But I must say, the July 2002 visit to Vegas rocked the most with a nice profit.  Sadly, just short of a full seven years in December of 2002, that winning streak came to an end on a return trip to Caesars Tahoe when I finally crapped out.  L  BlackJack on the other hand has been much friendlier to me lately.  But don't think for a moment this will stop us from playing hard in Vegas Party August 2003.


  Who is that in the background? VEGA$ Pics
Yabba Dabba Doo


Tommy and Jorge are drawn to the slots...