The Seven Dollar Burger
April 30th, 2004

So for the redo we had 5 participants.  It became more of an exhibition to show who has what it takes. 
In the end it came down to this.
We give lowlights to Will and Farbod who had little sandwiches.  Will with his wimpy double-double and Farbod with his grilled cheese sandwich.
In the end, we pretty much accomplished nothing other than to say we did it.  The cooks must have been shaking their heads when a total of five 7x7 burgers were ordered.  
Afterwards, Karen looked up the nutritional information for In-N-Out.   DOH!

Sent: 4/30/2004 1:19 PM
Subject: Quadruple by-pass
Good job everyone!
Nutritional facts on a Double-Double w/onion:
670 calories
370 calories from fat
41 grams of fat
I predict that our 7x7's had at least 2500 calories and 100 grams of
fat.  Better work out extra hard this weekend!
Karen Louie
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Milpitas CA 95035
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