Dang it, New England should have tied the game on their last drive and the Atlanta game was close as New Orleans showed some life this weekend only losing by a field goal at the end.   Both were close games but Atlanta and Denver won meaning all three of us would have to go another week to see who will eventually take home the first and second place winnings from the collected pot.  


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 Active - Week 6
 Team Pick Opponent 
  DarkRebelWon$$$LastYear TAM MIA 
  Ron Mexico ATL @NOR 
  Ruta DEN NWE 

 Team Elminated Pick Opponent 
  Five Star Lock of the Week Week 1 STL @SFO 
  Pickster Week 1 DEN @MIA 
  Tonka Truck Week 1   
  BreakTime Week 1 PHI @ATL 
  Bronco Nagurski Week 1 STL @SFO 
  Who's your Mama! Week 1 STL @SFO 
  yamasaki Week 1   
  Valentinik46 Week 1 CAR NOR 
  Fogcaster Week 1 GNB @DET 
  Beaver Believer Week 1 NYJ @KAN 
  AbrAKApoKus Week 1   
  Go9ers Week 1   
  sicnarf Week 1   
  Numbercruncher Week 1 STL @SFO 
  Waboritas Week 1   
  Lead Pipe Week 1   
  bigdog Week 2 GNB CLE 
  Ninersalltheway Week 2 GNB CLE 
  Lastlonesurvivor Week 3 KAN @DEN 
  Pigskin Week 4   
  raider Week 4   
  git 'er done Week 5 SFO IND 

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19  C'mon Ruta, Houston's a good pick. Astros are in playoffs.
Oct 14 1:51am - DarkRebelWon$$$LastYear (ey_recruiter)
18  Houston
Oct 12 11:22am - Ron Mexico (rristine)
17  So who's joining me in picking Houston?
Oct 11 8:41pm - DarkRebelWon$$$LastYear (ey_recruiter)
16  9ersssss what are thinking
Oct 10 3:35pm - Ron Mexico (rristine)
15  Oh man! :-D
Oct 10 9:44am - DarkRebelWon$$$LastYear (ey_recruiter)
14  for the record
Oct 6 2:50pm - Ron Mexico (rristine)
13  Niners and Colts
Oct 3 7:18pm - DarkRebelWon$$$LastYear (ey_recruiter)
12  LOL!!!
Oct 3 2:26am - DarkRebelWon$$$LastYear (ey_recruiter)
11  Go Texan's
Oct 2 1:57am - Ron Mexico (rristine)
10  These matchups are getting tighter
Sep 27 10:42am - DarkRebelWon$$$LastYear (ey_recruiter)
9  Kansas and Denver
Sep 26 1:02am - DarkRebelWon$$$LastYear (ey_recruiter)
8  Hmmm?
Sep 13 10:56pm - Ninersalltheway (staffingpro9999)
7  Note to Ninersalltheway
Sep 12 11:42am - Pigskin (jeffreynchu)
6  Opening day...
Sep 9 3:22pm - Pigskin (jeffreynchu)
5  AHA
Sep 9 2:27pm - DarkRebelWon$$$LastYear (ey_recruiter)
4  Stock, you're making it too easy!
Sep 8 12:29am - DarkRebelWon$$$LastYear (ey_recruiter)
3  Bronco Nagurski
Sep 6 3:55pm - DarkRebelWon$$$LastYear (ey_recruiter)
2  side fun
Sep 6 1:18pm - DarkRebelWon$$$LastYear (ey_recruiter)
1  RonMexico
Aug 11 11:12am - Valentinik46 (jett47)