By starting the Miami game two days early due to Hurricane Wilma, I apparently missed my pick this weekend. I forgot about the 11:59pm deadline of the night before.  I can only hope for a Houston upset and an Atlanta loss so I can get a three way split of the first place pot.   Indy is due for a loss and Houston is hungry for a win.  One can hope for the impossible.   DOH!!!!


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 Active - Week 7
 Team Pick Opponent 
  Ron Mexico IND @HOU 
  Ruta ATL NYJ 

 Team Elminated Pick Opponent 
  Five Star Lock of the Week Week 1 STL @SFO 
  Pickster Week 1 DEN @MIA 
  Tonka Truck Week 1   
  BreakTime Week 1 PHI @ATL 
  Bronco Nagurski Week 1 STL @SFO 
  Who's your Mama! Week 1 STL @SFO 
  yamasaki Week 1   
  Valentinik46 Week 1 CAR NOR 
  Fogcaster Week 1 GNB @DET 
  Beaver Believer Week 1 NYJ @KAN 
  AbrAKApoKus Week 1   
  Go9ers Week 1   
  sicnarf Week 1   
  Numbercruncher Week 1 STL @SFO 
  Waboritas Week 1   
  Lead Pipe Week 1   
  bigdog Week 2 GNB CLE 
  Ninersalltheway Week 2 GNB CLE 
  Lastlonesurvivor Week 3 KAN @DEN 
  Pigskin Week 4   
  raider Week 4   
  git 'er done Week 5 SFO IND 

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21  WILMAAAAAA!!!!!!!
Oct 21 4:26pm - DarkRebelWon$$$LastYear (ey_recruiter)
20  Indy
Oct 19 5:36pm - Ron Mexico (rristine)
19  C'mon Ruta, Houston's a good pick. Astros are in playoffs.
Oct 14 1:51am - DarkRebelWon$$$LastYear (ey_recruiter)
18  Houston
Oct 12 11:22am - Ron Mexico (rristine)
17  So who's joining me in picking Houston?
Oct 11 8:41pm - DarkRebelWon$$$LastYear (ey_recruiter)
16  9ersssss what are thinking
Oct 10 3:35pm - Ron Mexico (rristine)
15  Oh man! :-D
Oct 10 9:44am - DarkRebelWon$$$LastYear (ey_recruiter)
14  for the record
Oct 6 2:50pm - Ron Mexico (rristine)
13  Niners and Colts
Oct 3 7:18pm - DarkRebelWon$$$LastYear (ey_recruiter)
12  LOL!!!
Oct 3 2:26am - DarkRebelWon$$$LastYear (ey_recruiter)
11  Go Texan's
Oct 2 1:57am - Ron Mexico (rristine)
10  These matchups are getting tighter
Sep 27 10:42am - DarkRebelWon$$$LastYear (ey_recruiter)
9  Kansas and Denver
Sep 26 1:02am - DarkRebelWon$$$LastYear (ey_recruiter)
8  Hmmm?
Sep 13 10:56pm - Ninersalltheway (staffingpro9999)
7  Note to Ninersalltheway
Sep 12 11:42am - Pigskin (jeffreynchu)
6  Opening day...
Sep 9 3:22pm - Pigskin (jeffreynchu)
5  AHA
Sep 9 2:27pm - DarkRebelWon$$$LastYear (ey_recruiter)
4  Stock, you're making it too easy!
Sep 8 12:29am - DarkRebelWon$$$LastYear (ey_recruiter)
3  Bronco Nagurski
Sep 6 3:55pm - DarkRebelWon$$$LastYear (ey_recruiter)
2  side fun
Sep 6 1:18pm - DarkRebelWon$$$LastYear (ey_recruiter)
1  RonMexico
Aug 11 11:12am - Valentinik46 (jett47)