June 26, 2007

Today I went with Sammy to look at an apartment.

OMG. It was an older building in San Jose. While the bldg mgr was talking to Sammy, I took a peek in the bathroom. Little tiny creatures on their backs in the bathtub. Uh a lot of cockroaches.

They would also be visible all over the kitchen and on the floor. Perhaps it was my eyeballs scanning every corner for movement that made him decide to say " I have to admit, there is currently a cockroach problem."
"Yes, there's one by my foot."
"The exterminator is coming in this week to spray the place."

It reminded me of my best friend Albert's apartment in Daly City when he left food on the counter. When we all came over for a party, nobody was willing to put the food down on that side of the room. Or the old deli I used to work at inside the old Woolworth Building. There wasn't enough Roach Motels to contain those cockroaches. I refused to sit down when I worked the register. I didn't want any of the roaches to crawl up my back.


June 27, 2007 (Addendum)

Today Sammy asked how could I write about the one apartment but not the other old run down places we saw yesterday evening. Well, what is there to say? Both places smelled funny. One was a rundown unit with beat up stove and flooring. A lack of privacy in the ground level bedroom with windows next to parked cars and a stairway outside. For that matter, there is a crematorium outside the window. You have to really be starting out on your own to consider such a place.

As for the other location? What was up with the design? In order to get to the bedroom, one had to walk through the kitchen into a dirty cramped bathroom. How does one fit a bed through the corner of the small bathroom without the mattress rubbing up against the toilet? Hecks no. (this was as crazy as the house I once looked at with a toilet in the kitchen.) This was definitely an apartment I wouldn't want to walk barefoot...or shower barefoot in. To add to the ambiance, one of the neighbors wrote a note on a DMV envelope asking whoever stole his plywood from the back to return it. The note followed with "People who steal things SUCK." One has to take amusement in watching Sammy try to justify and picture herself in these places. In one place, you take a seat on the toilet and you have to worry about things crawling up your backside. In another, if your friend goes to the bathroom to take care of Number Two, you are trapped in your bedroom. Just too WEIRD.

Today, Sammy looked at a few other luxury style apartments in Downtown San Jose. One has to pay a little more, but damn it it's worth the extra cost. Getting closer to making it happen.