What is it with me and women's restrooms?

Sunday, April 13, 2003

Yesterday at Eliza's for dinner, I was waiting at the restrooms and it was near the end of the night for the restaurant so the waitress just told me to go ahead and use the ladie's room instead of having to wait for a lenghthy time.  (It's a Chinese restaurant and I think they wanted to clear us out as quickly as possible)   Mind you, I had permission this time.   But of course, when I came out there would suddenly be a woman waiting for the restroom where before it was near empty in the restaurant.  The key was to make no eye contact while getting a dirty stare.  "I had permission."

Earlier in the year, it was the lovely told story of Starbucks in Placerville when the one guy was in the men's room for over 15 minutes and flushing was heard too many times.  It was not pretty so it seemed forgivable as one would likely not have wanted to enter if the guy ever finished.   And then of course, there is the infamous tale of the Emeryville restaurant.