A good bottle of wine can go beyond the quality of the contents.

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Grow old with me! The best is yet to be,
The last of life, for which, the first is made.
-Robert Browning
Friendship's the wine of life.
Let's drink of it and to it.
-author unknown


Eric Y
August 16, 2003
Typically, the joyful experience of enjoying a good glass of wine is being able to sniff the pleasant fragrance and taste the different flavors of fruit in your glass.  Even better is when one can share that experience with others.  If you ever had a nice bottle of wine with good friends or for a special occasion, the very act of having that wine again may bring back warm memories of a favorable time.  A good bottle of wine can go beyond the quality of the contents.  Opening a bottle with the very same label, and possibly vintage, from your memorable past can enhance the pleasure of the wine drinking experience today. 

Perhaps when celebrating an anniversary, a bottle of a special wine you once shared before can be a pleasant way to transport you back in time.  If it is of a product and vintage that is capable of long-term cellaring, assuming it is properly stored and cared for, it may be a nice way to reflect on how both you and the vintage have matured and improved over the years.  Whether it is an old vintage or recent release from the same maker, you are certain to experience feelings of past reflection.  Perhaps joyful memories might make a winemaker's product from a lesser vintage somewhat more palatable as opposed to trying that particular wine for the first time.

I'm certain that everyone reading this can think back to an exceptional bottle of wine that was shared with either someone special or just good friends.  Go out and get yourself a similar bottle from the same winemaker and enjoy your visit down memory lane.  I know every time I enjoy a bottle of Jaboulet Parallèle 45 or a McPherson Shiraz, I will not only enjoy the bold peppery tastes but also remember the good times when I tried the wine for the first time with others.   A 1990 Dom Perignon Rosè will always remind me of a beautiful leggy blonde and a plate of oysters on the half shell.  Well, perhaps that memory I can't really share with anybody else.  But I'm sure you get the gist.  Nonetheless, 1990 was an excellent year for the Champagne region and that alone is worth drinking to.

A good quality bottle of wine is not only to be enjoyed for it's tastes and aroma, but for the good times you share with others while enjoying a glass of the fine beverage.  Your enjoyment is not about the price of any wine.  What you make of the experience, whether it is a $5 or $300 bottle, is the value you will get back in return.   À la santé la vie!